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VirtualGrasp is available as a Free and a Pro version on the Unity Asset Store.

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  • No Object Baking
  • No custom grasps
  • Default hand
  • No Replay
  • Personal License


  • Object Baking
    (account required)
  • Grasp Editing
  • Custom Hand
  • Includes Replay
  • Commercial License

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VirtualGrasp automatically generates natural hand interactions. To start using VirtualGrasp, you need a user account.

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VirtualGrasp is a hand interaction and animation engine that automatically creates natural and realistic hand interactions.

Our technology, based on over 8 years of robotics research, published across 30 papers and awarded best manipulation research by renowned IEEE, is proven to enhance the VR experience. User testing shows a 45% increase in how realistic virtual hands feel to control and a 42% increase in how natural the interaction with the VR environment feels.


VirtualGrasp supports anything you can throw at it - give players a more immersive gaming experience or enable business users to perform intricate hand-object interactions.


Skip tedious annotation of grasps and let VirtualGrasp automatically generate hand-object interaction, great for rapidly testing ideas and complete freedom of interaction.


The included Grasp Studio tool makes it easy to define preferred grasps, for grasps that look great every time and can be tailored for particular objects.


Record dynamic grasps and replay in real-time - a great way to provide visual cues to your users, or wherever your creativity takes you.

BUILT-In interaction engine

Easily add more advanced interactions - attaching and assembling objects, performing screwing actions and pushing/pulling objects.